Through therapy, clients can learn to integrate and understand painful behavior patterns that prevent both personal fulfillment as well as meaningful relationships. 


Individual Therapy

I work with many kinds of people and situations; I do not discriminate! I work with clients from adolescence to old age, clients with traditional and alternative lifestyles, many ethnic groups and cultures, and people from a wide variety of countries of origin.

I am experienced in Grief Counseling, as well as Trauma and PTSD in its many forms, including those involved with the stress being a care giver, or the pain of loss, grief and death. 

dream interpretation

The process of therapy is often helped through an exploration of the client’s dreams.  Some people remember their dreams and some do not.  However, in my experience, most clients have some dreams, perhaps from years ago, that they remember. Such dreams often help them understand their experiences through new and unexpected perspectives.


 My priority is to help the couple work through as much of the tumult as possible so they can decide whether they are able to heal their relationship or need to move on. I have experience with couples who are:

  • Newlyweds

  • Not sure if they can or should stay together

  • Deciding whether to have children

  • Affected by addictions or compulsive behaviors that have damaged the relationship

  • Struggling with their sexual relationships

  • Impacted by affairs or other betrayals

  • Separating or divorcing, and concerned about the impact it may have on their children

Family Therapy

I am a trained family therapist and have taught that modality to other therapists, and I find it to be a valuable approach in specific situations. I often work with adult families whose issues began in the past, and are now currently being addressed. I can assist these families in sorting through their problems, whether it is parents and adult children resolving old conflicts, siblings struggling over the care of an aging parent, alienated siblings trying to reconcile, or the after-effect of parents divorcing and re-marrying.  

Jungian Analysis

I offer Jungian Analysis for those who wish to work on their personal material at a deeper level.  In this work the focus is on how the unconscious manifests in our lives and it’s effect on our relationships with ourselves and others.  We focus on dream work, fantasies, various forms of creativity and other manifestations of the unconscious in an effort to understand the unconscious influences in our lives.

Rates + insurance

  • Rate: $180 per session

  • Insurance: Out of network

  • Accepted Payment Methods: Mastercard, Visa and Venmo